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Terms & Conditions



Throughout this document the term client, refers to the person who has made the booking and the term company, refers to any person representing JMD Entertainments. All 



1. A booking will not be confirmed until a reservation fee has been paid and a confirmation email or call has been received by the client off the company. Reservation fees must be returned within 14 days to reserve the said date. Reservation fees are non refundable.


2. The remainder of the booking fee shall be deemed payable by the client to the company, at the clients convenience or at the latest, 14 days before the event.


3. Cancellations of any said booking for any reason other than an ACT OF GOD, NATURAL DISASTER or WAR must be made in writing from the client to the company 90 days prior to the date of the booking.


4. Any cancellation in writing received from the client to the company under 30 days prior to the date of the booking then the client will be liable for the agreed full amount. Should the hirier wish to cancel, the hirier agrees to be bound by the following scale of charges below.

             0 - 30 days - 100%          31 - 60 days - 75%          61 - 90 days - 60%          90 + days  Reservation fee


5. The company reserve the right to provide a substitute disco service in the event of the company being unable to appear for any reason.


6. The client shall be deemed liable for any damage to company equipment or property, excluding normal fair wear and tear to equipment including sound/lighting equipment including stands and/or music library, caused by anyone in attendance of the booking during the said times agreed and including setting up and dismantling of equipment. Unless damage is caused by the company. In the case of any damage caused by anyone in attendance of the booking the full cost of repairs and/or hire charges for replacement or loan equipment will be charged to the client at the rate of charge incurred by the company.


7. The client will allow suitable time for the company to set-up and dismantle equipment and will arrange with the management of the venue to allow this time to set-up and dismantle equipment prior to commencement of the booking.


8. If a booking has been confirmed in writing between the client and company and upon arrival at the venue the company find another dj/service has been booked by the client or someone acting on behalf of the client then the full amount shall be payable to the company.


9. The company will ensure that all equipment used will be P.A.T tested to conform to HSE EAW act 1989 and said equipment will carry safety stickers and certificate of testing is carried by the company for producing. The company will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the electrical point, room and/or building where the services are provided and is not responsible or liable for any power outages. If the equipment has a problem in which it canot be fixed in under 10 mins causing further delays in time of the event, then the deposit shall be refunded to the client. If the equipment can not be fixed and fails to work causing the event to be haulted, then only then a full refund will be given.


10. The company will ensure that public liability insurance is provided but only for the protection of the public against harm, pain or suffering caused to the public by company personnel or equipment and not by any actions of the client or guests who may cause or instigate such harm, pain or suffering to themselves or others under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


11. The company will accept music requests in writing in advance 14 days prior to the booking and will guarantee to play at least 10 tracks of the clients chosen requests if received. The client also agrees that the company cannot guarantee the inclusion of any deleted, obsolete or difficult to source requests either in writing or on the night of the booking.


12. The company will endeavour not to play songs with explicit or offensive lyrics that would cause offence to any guests attending the booking. If unsure about any songs please do not hesitate to contact us.

13. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the company tolerate any abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour from ANYONE whatsoever at the booking towards the company and/or personnel of the company and reserve the right to terminate our services at any time should we feel our personal safety or the safety of the equipment is under threat of harm, pain or suffering. If this occurs no refund of any amount will be given and the company reserve the right to claim damages against any said persons.


14. The company shall not be liable for breaches of byelaws and/or conditions under which the venue is entrusted, hired or leased to the client. The client will ensure all appropriate licences(as required by law) are in force at the venue at the time of the event, therefore the company cannot be held liable in anyway.

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