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Your Wedding Dj

You will remember your wedding forever. Each and every party is unique. I like to let the music speak for itself.
I promise to maintain complete and absolute respect for your & your partners musical taste.
I play pure music without any gimmicks. Great music should be the inspiration.
I love to play those unexpected treasures that make the crowd go wild!
I work very closely with each client to create your individualized song list
and to ensure that your party reflects your personal and musical style.
I believe in tasteful use of the microphone for any pre-approved announcements.
Music has its own voice. You can have a great party and still be elegant.

No two weddings are alike.
You will see that each event has your personal touch.

How Will I Start Your Wedding?

  • I can start your evening party in two ways. First, i can slowly build it up. I could play some popular swing, soft rock, soul and some golden oldies? This is great if you and your guests may prefer to spend some time catching up with friends and family that they may have not seen in a good while, so i can keep the music at the perfect level that is unobtrusive and i can keep all those chart & party anthems for after the evening buffet.

  • You may prefer that I go straight into party mode. The music will be upbeat as the guests arrive, setting the tempo for the nights party. Whatever way you choose, i will be sure to give everyone a great night using all my experience in knowing how to get every party going. I will gladly make announcements, play song requests, interact with your party guests and can even play games and get everyone up and having fun. 


The choice is yours. It is your day after all. Just let me know your ideas and i will make it happen.

Please note:

Most venues will require a public liability insurance certificate for your entertainer to be able to play in there venue. You can confirm that mine is up to date and i can send you a copy to send to them. My PAT test certificate can be sent too.

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Time for Your First Dance's

For your all important first dance, the scene will be set with soft and romantic lighting as you are introduced onto the dance floor to your chosen song. You have the option to dance the full song yourself or have the guests introduced about half way into the song.


If your having a bit of trouble picking a first dance, you can view some help with some of the most requested first dances i have been asked for and played when booked to play at weddings.

After your first dance, I can include other special dances at your wedding, such as 'father/daughter', 'mother/son', 'wedding party'. I will discuss with you before hand to find out if you want this done or not... the choice is yours. Every couples wedding is different. Some have a second dance and some don't.


To view some top first dance songs, just click here.

What Type Of Music Will I Play?

I have one main objective and that's to provide you and your guests with music you can dance to and to keep your party wanting more with the dance floor packed all night long. It's what i strive for at every wedding or party they do. It's a feeling of a job well-done knowing you and your guests had a blast and that i have helped to create these memories


I have an extensive music collection that insures that your wedding reception will have the right music played at the right time, and that no ones favorite song will be left out. I will also provide you with an opportunity to pick out some of the songs that we will play durring the evenings entertainment or you can just give me the type of feel you want your wedding party to have, and let me do the rest.

When you book, I will supply you with online forms that you can fill out anytime in the comfort of your own home. 

Can I Do Ceilidh?

You be glad to hear the answer is yes. I do offer a few of the fun upbeat ceilidh songs (Only If you request) for you and your guests to try like the Gay Gordon's, Canadian Barn Dance and Strip The Willow etc. I will talk everyone threw the basic moves, making sure they get the idea. If they muck it up don't worry as i will be telling them off jokingly on the mic. Long as everyone's having fun and enjoying the experience.

What Sort Of Lighting Will I Use?

This all depends on the type of look and feel you want your night to be. What is your family and friends like? Do the like to sit and chat or are they the turn the music up sort of folk? But most important, what do you want. Most of the times i keep the lighting minimum at the start of weddings, keeping the lights off the dance floor until after the first dances as not to ruin your photos. After then, they can go on to the music as the party starts.

This is why arranging a meeting is very good to have. Gets all this sorted early, so we can run thing just the way you want them on the day.

How Should Your Night End?

You have been up dancing all night, your feet are now sore and your legs are about to give way. The time has now come to give everyone the part of the night that they will remember.... The big finale.


1. Are you wanting a Scottish ending: Deacon blue, The Proclaimers, Runrig etc etc

2. Do you prefer just to have the floor-fillers continue and end the night with the popular ones?

Its your night after all, so think about what you and your partner would like for that big finish.

Wedding Packages

I also have a choice of 3 great wedding packages available to choose from. From all day ceremony & dinner music to the evening party. 

Click here to read about my special wedding packages.

I Hope To See You Soon....

I hope i have helped to give you a wee look into what i do and can offer you to help give you and your guests a night to remember.


I always offer my clients free no obligation meetings to discuss their event and also visit venues beforehand to make sure that everything is in place for the big day. Contact me if you’d like to chat face to face, no obligation at all.


Please... if you have any questions about my services, just get in touch. I am always happy to help


Justin Dolan

Wedding Dj Glasgow

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